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Jay B. Johnson, Founder

Jay Johnson brings tremendous energy and a vast array of pertinent experience to SynerSoft, from multi-site enterprise systems to PC software and from the disciplines of engineering, project management, marketing, sales, management and business development.

Mr. Johnson's knowledge of the software industry and experience with the challenges of managing the software development cycle have contributed to his view of the industry and his vision for SynerSoft. 

Jay Johnson, the company's founder and visionary, has been working in the software industry since 1991. Mr. Johnson has held the positions of VP Sales and Marketing (Order Processing Technologies, Framingham, MA), Chief Operating Officer (The Poseidon Group, Santa Barbara, CA) and Chief Executive Officer/President (Gryphon Law Inc, Santa Barbara, CA).  More recently, Mr. Johnson was the Chief Technology Officer of JuriSearch.Com, which acquired Gryphon Law Inc. in April of 2000.

Previously, Jay has been employed as a software developer, designer, project manager and hired as an independent software consultant. Before coming to the software industry, Mr. Johnson worked as a Failure Analysis engineer in the Electromagnetic Systems Division (ESD) of the Raytheon Corporation, where he also helped develop a system for end-user ad hoc reporting. Jay earned his bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Vermont's College of Engineering, Mathematics and Business Administration.

In January of 2001, Mr. Johnson completed a planned transition out of JuriSearch.Com and has since focused his full attention on SynerSoft, LLC. Jay has served on the board of directors for the Santa Barbara Business Alliance and Software Council of Southern California and is a charter member of the InfoWorld CTO Forum and the Technology Leadership Council. 

Jay Johnson's success with custom software development is based on project management, prototyping and the proper setting of expectations via a fixed-price Statement of Work.  He considers prototypes the cornerstone of project risk management.

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